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Research is at the core of CorpoGen interests. As an academic private non-profit research institute, is officially recognized by the Colombian National Administrative Department for Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias) as one of the leading biotechnology centers for scientific research and development in the country.

It consists of multidisciplinary research groups of biologists, microbiologists, chemists, and bioinformaticians studying basic genomic and biochemical aspects of human and animal pathogens, and by metagenomics, exploring the microbial biodiversity of neotropical ecosystems.

CorpoGen has strong collaborations with academic groups and private enterprises in the country and abroad. It works actively in research, training of human resources and development of biotechnological products such as molecular biology kits and offering scientific services to the local scientific community and to industry.

The research center has been participating in several National, Latin American, and European research consortia of networked projects. Regarding international funding, CorpoGen has proven to be a dynamic, competent and reliable research partner for international life sciences research projects in Colombia.


With a relatively small staff of scientists (15 persons), among them, 5 PI scientists, in the last five years, had been or it is participating as a partner in five European research projects consortia (EC-FP7), constituting the most efficient and successful life sciences research partner for Europe in Colombia.

Topics of active research projects: International (EC-FP7 funded)

Participation in
international projects financed by European Community:

Comparative genomics of M. tuberculosis complex strains for identifying new medicament targets (TB-DRUG OLIGOCOLOR, FP7 European consortium, Responsible Scientific Partner at CorpoGen: Dr. Patricia Del Portillo)

Research project consortium funded by the EC-FP7 (starting in November 2009) 15 partners from 6 EU countries to study microbial communities in PAH contaminated sites by metatranscriptomics (MAGIC-PAH European consortium, responsible scientific partner at CorpoGen: Dr. Howard Junca)

Development of molecular diagnostics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (FP7 EC research consortium FAST-XDR-DETECT, responsible scientific partner at CorpoGen: Dr. Patricia Del Portillo)

National scientific positioning and active research projects

Colciencias, as the official science funding agency in Colombia, had defined key areas for research funding, with defined priorities and has chosen the scheme of networked clusters known as “Excellence Research Centers”. There are seven national excellence centers funded so far. Notably, CorpoGen is coordinating one (GeBiX) and is participant in another (CCITB), constituting one of the few examples of a center member of more than one of such initiatives.

Additionally, CorpoGen is participating as partner in two additional national networked projects and in five national projects (all with PI at CorpoGen).

Description of the project’s topic and the scientist responsible at CorpoGen, as follows:

National projects | Research networks (more than 4 participant institutions):

Metagenomic study of the microbial diversity in Los Nevados National Park (GeBiX excellence center, national network, PI Dr. María Mercedes Zambrano)

Analyses of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains with differential transmisibility (CCITB excellence center, national network, responsible scientific partner at CorpoGen: Dr. Patricia Del Portillo)

Structure and functions of microbial communities under contrasting soil treatments in selected agricultural plots (Potatoe) (national network, responsible scientific partner at CorpoGen: Dr. Patricia Del Portillo)

Studies on the repairing DNA mechanisms and their roles in antibiotic resistance generation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis (national network)

National projects | Institute-oriented funding, PI at CorpoGen in all cases

Diguanylate cyclases: potential roles in incipient multicelular behavior of M. tuberculosis |  PI Dr. Juan Germán Rodríguez

Platform for the exploration of antimalarial compounds in metagenomes / PI Dr. Howard Junca

Genes and mechanisms involved in biofilm formation on the human pathogen K. pneumonia / PI Dr. María Mercedes Zambrano

Microbiome associated with transmission, latency and active disease in human tuberculosis / PI Dr. Patricia Del Portillo

Metagenomic exploration of microbial communities associated to Caribbean marine sponges / PI Dr. Howard Junca


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